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The Orillia Soccer Club currently consists of two teams. The first team with no age restrictions plays in the 1st division in the York Region Soccer League. The Oldtimers (over 35 years of age) play in the Simcoe County Senior Soccer League.


Schedule for outdoor practices will be at the same time as our home games this year to give everybody a head start on preparing their work schedule etc. around home games.  Therefore, below will be the practice schedule for the first team and it will be based on these practices on who makes the team.  All practices at Kitchener Park.

Sunday April 17th 4:00 PM

Tuesday April 26th 6:30 PM

Sunday April 24th 4:00 PM

Tuesday May 3rd 6:30 PM

Sunday May 8th 4:00 PM

Tuesday May10th 6:30 PM




In addition, all are welcome to show up at the last two indoor sessions listed below.


Oldtimers are welcome to show up at the above practices, however, the first team will most likely do their own thing for the first half hour or so.


We have indoor most nights at Twin Lakes High school on Friday nights. The cost is $5 per night. The remaining schedule is below;

Apr 15 7pm-9pm

Apr 22 7pm-9pm




After the first few months the Board of Directors has noticed the actual duties and titles of each member does not accurately reflect the work/job to be completed.  Therefore, there has been a revision to the Board of Directors with Jamie Rhodes becoming treasurer for the competitive team, Len Bowers Director of Social Events (golf day, etc.) and Wolfgang Hellwig's title taking on additional titles related to Oldtimers.



A newspaper add has been recently placed in the Packet and Times looking for people wanting to play and / or tryout for any of the teams on our club.  Should anyone no of anyone who may want to play please have them email me at or call at 737-1616.



-The 1st team has a new (lets rephrase that) a coach this year.  His name is Oscar Lima and has been involved with coaching Orillia Minor Soccer for quite a while as well as refereeing both minor and men's games (including our own so he may look familiar).  Everyone make him feel welcome in joining our club.

-New for the 1st team (this may include the oldtimers as well) this year will be a small fine imposed for all players who do not call the appropriate representative if he is not able to make a game or practice.  The fine will start at $5 / game and should eliminate the times when the team is waiting for players to show up etc. and reduce playing short as other can be called in their place.

This off season has been busy and fundraisers are underway. We are currently running a raffle with the top prize a Molson Canadian beer fridge, 2nd a Texas Mickey and 3rd a Montana's prize package. The money raised on the raffle will help off set money lost due to no hockey pool. Anybody needing tickets to sell please contact Scott Bowers 

In addition to the above, we are looking into selling BBQ boxed meats in the summer to raise additional cash. More details to follow.
Fees for the first team will be raised $10 this year up to $135.
The 1st team has received new uniforms this year (shirts, shorts and socks) and after each game they will be handed in to be washed.  We have switched our colours to blue and black.  The back up uniforms will be the red strip.
Other developments for the 2005 season are;
- The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) and the Huronia & District Soccer League are requiring each club to have a constitution.  Once completed it will be posted on this site for all to view.


2003 Trinidad & Tobago trip.  Trevor (in gold) shown.







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