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Rules of the OSC (Draft)


1.1 The OSC Board of Directors is responsible for organizing and supporting all teams in the club.


2.1 Player's responsibilities are to:

1.        Support OSC.

2.        Pay their annual membership dues according to the specified schedule outlined by Board of Directors.

3.        Pay any bank charges associated with NSF cheques.

4.        Attend practice sessions and games.

5.        MEMBERS OF THE COMPETITVE TEAM must inform the designated representative(s) when they are unable to attend a game or practice.  Failure to do so will result in a $5 fine which will be deposited into the teams account for future financial needs.

6.        Assist in fund raising events.

7.        Support their Coach, Manager, Teammates and Team Representative.

8.        Return all equipment in good order at the end of the season.

9.        Represent the OSC in accordance with FIFA's Fair Play campaign.

2.2 Players may play on other OSC teams at the discretion of his/her Coach and in accordance with League Rules and Regulations.



1.        Trying out (and playing) for the OSC is a privilege, not a right.

2.        Tryouts will be held after the legal starting date.

3.        Tryouts will be conducted in a timely manner so as to allow registration in the appropriate league.

4.        Tryouts will be administered and directed by the applicable director or his/her designate.

5.        Tryout dates, times and places will be decided by the applicable director or his/her designate.



3.1 Responsibility

1. The appropriate Director is responsible for managing all OSC equipment and jerseys.

2. Equipment assigned to a team is the responsibility of the Team Manager or Coach and must be returned at the end of each season to the appropriate Director.

3.2 Inventory

1. Inventory of each team’s equipment is taken at the beginning of the season and is distributed to the team, by the appropriate Director.

2. At the completion of the season, equipment is collected and inventoried by the appropriate Director. A report is presented to the Board of Directors of what equipment has not been returned or has not been returned in good order.

3. Goalie gloves can be purchased by a team, to a maximum of $50 once a season. Teams will be reimbursed for this amount if the funds are available.

3.3 Replacement/Purchase

1. Equipment is replaced at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

2. Requests for equipment must be submitted by the Board of Directors and if funds are available will be approved by the Board of Directors.

3. The Board of Directors must approve all jersey purchases.

3.4 Lost Equipment

1. All equipment must be returned to the appropriate Director at the completion of each team’s season.

2. Equipment not returned will either be paid for or replaced by the applicable team.

3. Replaced equipment, no matter how funded, is the property of the OSC

3.5 Disposal

1. Equipment may only be disposed of by the appropriate Director as directed by the Board of Directors.

3.6 Ownership

1. All equipment is property of the OSC.


4.1 Responsibility

1. Practice fields/gyms are arranged by the Board of Directors.

2. Game fields are paid for by the applicable team director/treasurer.

3. The appropriate director will ensure with Orillia Parks and Recreation that the fields will be available for game/practices.


5.1 Members are expected to display professional sportsman-like behavior while representing OSC.

5.2 Members must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the OSC, as well as any rules associated with fields, gyms or any facilities being utilized by OSC.

5.3 The governing soccer organizations (example YRSL) are responsible for player discipline associated with regular season games (e.g. red/yellow cards).

5.4 All matters of conduct will be addressed by the Board of Directors and may result in any individual or team losing section privileges or membership.


6.1 OSC

1. Being registered on an OSC team implies automatic membership with the OSC. This membership is mandatory and is included in the yearly soccer registration dues.

6.2 OSC membership provides members the following privileges:

  • Access to all OSC social functions.
  • Vote at the OSC General Meetings or by email proxy.
  • OSC Club Membership.
  • Play under the OSC name.
  • Use of OSC equipment, fields and gyms.
  • Participate on the Soccer Executive, if desired.


7.1 Soccer Section Dues

1. Players must pay their dues in accordance to the schedule set out by the applicable Treasurer (ie. Either in full or under the specified payment plan).

2. Cheques are made payable to the title as advised by a Board of Directors.

3. If dues are not paid in full, or if a cheque, or post dated cheque results in a NSF charge, the executive will decide if the player will be allowed to continue to play on his/her team. A player may be suspended from participating in games until repayment is made.

4. Requests asking for delayed payment or reduction of fees, must be made in writing and will be reviewed and voted on by the Executive, on an individual basis.

5. The executive can negotiate separate dues for teams.

7.2 Reimbursement

1. The Soccer Executive may, at its discretion, reimburse players a portion of their fee in the event they are unable to complete the season (e.g. injury, relocation). Requests must be submitted in writing to the Executive (through the appropriate Team Representative) and reviewed on an individual basis.

2. In general, reimbursement to any player should not be at a cost to the OSC. Therefore, signed players must absorb the cost of their registration form, their Club Dues (if already paid to the Club) and any other referee, field, gym and/or administrative costs already incurred.

3. Club dues are non-refundable.

4. Refunds will not be given after December 31st.


8.1 General

1. Sponsorship is coordinated through the Board of Directors.

2. Sponsors must be approved by the Board of Directors.

3. Cheques are made payable to the title as advised by a Board of Director

8.2 Sponsorship

1. Sponsorship money is allocated 100% to the OCS and the applicable team.

2. All sponsorship cheques must have cleared the bank before any purchases/payments earmarked for that sponsorship money is transacted.

3. Multiple sponsors are permitted, if the other Sponsor(s) for that team mutually agree.

4. As a general rule, sponsorship should not be obtained from businesses that would require our articipation and hinder or affect the revenue and/or the social atmosphere of the OSC.

8.3 Equipment / Jerseys

1. A Sponsor’s name/logo should be printed or embroidered on a crest, which will then be sewn onto team jerseys.

8.4 Advertising

1. Sponsor’s names are displayed on viable OSC items.


9.1 Responsibility

1. All Club fund raising events are coordinated through the Board of Directors.

2. All players from all teams are encouraged to participate in any Club or Soccer fund raising event.

9.2 Team Fund Raising

1. Teams are encouraged to hold their own fund-raising events, providing it does not detract from the fund-raising initiatives of the Board of Directors.


10.1 Promotion

1. All Club members are encouraged to promote the OSC by actively recruiting new members.


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